Tracking free

Lightning quick

Drop-in, static comments plugin for your blog, web store, home page or any web site.

Ad and Tracking Free

We do not implement any form of user tracking on our comments plugin.

We also do not show any ads, so there is no third party tracking either.

Simple Moderation

You can set comments to be hidden until they are moderated.

Our super simple moderation interface makes it really easy to show or hide comments as you need.

Really Fast

We use static pages for our comments.

That translates to really really fast loading times for all comments on your website.

Collapsible Threads

Your visitors can reply to one another. The replies are displayed in an easy to follow thread form.

Threads can also be collapsed/expanded using the -/+ icons.

Easy Customization

Our comments widget blends into your site seamlessly - out of the box.

You can choose between our dark and light themes, on a page by page basis, depending on your need.

Lock and Disable Comments

If a discussion is getting too heated, you can easily lock comments for a specific page.

Don't want any comments at all on a specific page? Just disable comments for that page.

Check out the comments plugin in action below!


Background Color
The color you select is applied to the comment container on this page, not the widget page itself.

Resize your browser window, and see how the comments widget reacts.


Currently, KissComments is in public beta. While in beta, all users get an unlimited free account.

However, we do plan to start charging for the service once we have built and tested a much more feature rich admin interface.

Currently we are thinking of pricing it at around 5USD per month, per moderator, per site. Good pricing? Bad pricing? Let us know.